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 Axis Ltd
 JSC Wissol Petroleum...
 HSBC Bank Georgia
 UNICEF - Georgia
Employer Information

JSC Wissol Petroleum Georgia

Wissol is a fast growing, progressive and innovative enterprise offering high quality petroleum products and services, hassle-free car wash experience and other service products at its chain of nicely designed petrol stations.

One of the most valuable and essential accomplishments of Wissol is the wide variety of loyal customers throughout Georgia. Wissol has an impressive list of over 3000 corporate customers among them international and local private companies, government organizations, ministries, most of the embassies, diplomatic representations, etc.

Wissol is the leading retailer of petroleum products in Georgia. Wissol currently holds over 70 prime sites/licenses in its portfolio out of which 48 petrol stations are in operation: over 23 in Tbilisi, and 25 nation-wide in the following towns: Khashuri, Kutaisi, Poti, Telavi, Gori, Zugdidi, Batumi, Zestaponi, Marneuli, Ureki, and Borjomi.. Through its aggressive expansion policy Wissol will be opening several new petrol stations in coming months: in Khelvachauri, Gardabani, Rustavi, Akhalqalaqi and other regions of Georgia. Wissol is sourcing petroleum products from Greece (Super Max Power Ron 98, Premium Power Ron 95, Euro Diesel ULSD 50 ppm) and Romania (Regular Ron 93 50 ppm). While meeting the latest fuel quality standards and specification requirements these products are environmentally friendly and provide improved engine performance. Non-European fuels that are retailed at Wissol’s petrol stations are coming from Azerbaijan (Regular Ron 92, Diesel Grade L-62) and Turkmenistan (Diesel Grade L-62). Wissol is a learning institution and creative company. Since the outset, Wissol has chosen to base its success on service products innovation. Along with already existed voucher system, Wissol offers its own Corporate Smart Cards that is supported by in-house developed user-friendly software. "Backing of the strong foreign partner will enable us to further strengthen our position on the Georgian petroleum market. It will foster the fulfilment of our mission - to be dominant market player providing superior quality products and excellent customer care to our valuable customers"-- said Samson Pkhakadze, Head of Board of Directors, commenting on recent changes in the shareholders structure of the company.

Wissol is set to provide products and service lines which offer good value in terms of price, quality, safety and environmental impact. We value the trust our customers place in us and work to safeguard this trust. It’s an objective of Wissol to further increase its customer base as well as maintain existing corporate as well as individual customers happy and satisfied via introduction of new value-added services and various incentive schemes.

  Company: JSC Wissol Petroleum Georgia
  Company Type: Employer
  Contact Name:
  Address: 74B, Chavchavadze Ave.
  City: Tbilisi
  Zip/Postal Code: -
  State/Province: Tbilisi
  Country: Georgia
  Phone: +99532 91 53 15
  Fax: +99532 91 56 15
  E-mail: vacancy@wissol.ge  [ Send Private Message ] 
  URL: http://www.wissol.ge
  Registered from: 02/05/2007
  Total Jobs posted: 40
  Currently available: 0

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